■d atonement. Where soc

iety is not able to ●or

ganize the wishes of one

of ■its members in a social way it m■ay exterminate him or banish him t■o a society of the bad, which corresponds to■ the theological purgatory fro■m which there is a chance to return to ■a society of the good. The puni●shment is supposed to atone for ●the offens

e and effect the re■formation. The following case was● handled by a particularly we■ll equipped reformatory for girls abo●ve the juvenile court age. Its staf■f at t

he time was large and scientifically t■rained. It was probably more complet■ely equipped for the psychological study ●of its inmates than any other institution● whate

ver, and its records are m●ore complete than any I have seen ●elsewhere. But an institution dealing with ●a large number of girls 172senten●ced by the law courts, many of ●them hardened and rebellious, h

as quite a■s much as it can do barely to maintain ord●er. The situation is the same as in the pen●itentiaries for men. The present case is not ●typical; the girl is far from being as de■moralized as the

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average girl in the same ins■titution. I cite it here to indicate wha■t are the attitudes of a girl in this situation■, how accessible a girl

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may be to influences ●and how unprepared an institution of th■is type is to employ any organizin■g influences. Esther had no previous ba■d

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record. She may or may not have had so●me sex experiences; that is not unusual with g■irls of this class. It was not shown that● she was sex

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ually diseased. Probably● she was not but was frightened● into thinking so by a doctor who wanted $■100.00. Her offense was slight and casual

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. It mi■ght have been passed over with a ●reprimand, or, as in the juven●ile court, with a period of prob■ation; but she was nineteen—above

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the■ juvenile court age. The institution recognize●d, in the statement given first belo■w, that it would not be for ■her welfare to hold he


Progress Bars

r there, and placed ■her out on parole. 86.

Stateme●nt from the Laboratory of Bedford Hills Re?/p>

駀ormatory for Women: Esther Lorenz was committ■ed

to the institution March 23,■ 1914, from Special

Sessions, N.● Y. Offense: Petit Larceny. She was

born i■n Prag, Bohemia, and educated in Boh●emian

35% Complete (success)
20% Complete (warning)
10% Complete (danger)

len ■to

and German. She has a father ■and sister living in the

ermit He Badges
be visited by 42
any of the Protecti■ve Wor 1
kers. Said 171she is doing e 22
■xcellent work, is very c 30
ontent, and begs ■to remain at
the hospital. A●lthough Dr. Bro

old country and an● aunt in New Jersey to whom she came three ye■ars

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and a half ago. This aunt and her ■family are poor and very foreign and unprogress●ive. Esther worked for them fai●thfully and gained little knowledge of English■ or training of any sort while w■i


th them.

She left them several times and took ●positions as waitress in private 17■3families, still helping them out from her m■eager earnings. Her last position was as wa●itress in a small rest



nt in ●New York where she met Lilian M●arx. She had been there eight mo■nths when the restaurant went out of business ■and the girls were thrown out of work. It was● soon after this th


at t

he girls stole from M●acy’s store several articles, two pairs of 59-c■ent stockings, a belt and some cheap man■icure articles, apparently on the impulse ■of the moment, because they saw

another● girl doing it so easily. In

jail they■ were warned by

the other girl■s not to tell the truth about anythin●g and the

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